Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Death of John the Baptist

As I was reflecting on the theme of the celebration today, on the Passion of John the Baptist It came to me clearly That the Life and mission and even the death of John the Baptist was all about his love for the Family. Remember how he was a gift to his parents who were advance in age and were asking from God for a child. and even his name John means "God is gracious." Even his mission to prepare the way of the Lord..but Jesus was a family to him for Mary and Elizabeth his mother were cousins. and in the gospel he was beheaded because he stood up and fought agains the abuse of marriage of Herod and the dangers it caused his family. John, trully cared for the Family And it is just fitting that we ask his intercession for the intentions of our Family. That our families will always experience peace, unity and happiness and that they will always be safe. Praying for our family, we include our love ones who have gone before us. Our parents. And I sincerely pray today for my mom Justina on her First year death anniversary and for my dad Agripino. And we pray for our intententions, we are left behind. We can always say that our love ones may have fulfilled their mission here on earth and that they were ready to go but it is you and me who are left behind not ready to let them go. we also pray that we will remain strong and focus as we continue our lives here on earth All these we ask through the intercession of St John the Baptist. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

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