Sunday, October 7, 2012


Married Life will always have its Blessings and Happiness But, I could just imagine the challenges, the struggles that you married couples experience in your life and I know you know all too well about them. Before a mass one early morning , the ladies serving the mass were sharing about their husbands and marriage and as I was listening from the back I clearly heard one asking. How did you put up with? How did you manage? with a tone that I could just imagine how they struggled a lot. There will always be challenges thats why sometimes some would just use humor to talk about their experiences so that at least they can just laugh it off. And so jokes are shared about marriage. Like someone said: when a person is in deep trouble, notice how you will see his family and reletives around him or her. Proof: Look at your wedding pictures. another..if a person is married to several spouses it is called polygamy. when married to one it is called "Monotony." Monogamy. We can just laugh about the experiences of married couples But let us be reminded. The Lord"s command is one and the same and unchanged. That Marriage is sacred, and Indissoluble. For " What God has bound together, no man can separate." Let us therefore pray for all married couples that will remain strong in their love for each other, sincere and faithful in their promise till the end, Amen.

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