Friday, November 1, 2013


As we honor our saints today We are reminded of all “Capital Letter S” Saints. Like St Ignatius, St. Anthony, St Francis and many more whose feast we celebrate within our liturgical year, reminding us of their life, their experiences and challenges in their quest for holiness and offering us examples on how to serve and be close to Jesus. We are also reminded of the “small letter s” saints. Like our grandparents, our parents, and friends or neighbors those who have died who lived lives of good works and holiness, whose lives have touched us. But then, let us not leave ourselves out, for we too are called to holiness, by virtue of our being children of God and baptism, we too are called to perfection, to sainthood. The beatitudes offer us a beautiful reflection of what it entails to strive for holiness, to achieve blessedness. The Lord mentions those who are poor, the poor in spirit, those who mourn the peacemakers and those persecuted. One thing is clear, they are blessed because through it all they endured everything for the love of God and they survived. A Saint therefore can also mean A SURVIVOR. A SURVIVOR. One who even through hardships in life, even in poverty, has full trust in the Lord as his savior who never waivers till the end. One who prays with humility and with persistence even if he says his prayers are never answered and never get right away what he wants. One who mourn and in grief for loss of a love one and yet has hope that one day it will end. One who remains faithful and sincere in his or her love for his or her love one even amidst trials, he or she never gives up One remains faithful to the lord even if he falls many times he stands up again and follows him That’s a survivor and in the end a survivor is blessed. That’s a way to holiness and sainthood that we too can achieve in our life time. We therefore ask the help of our Saints who have gone before us to be our guide and help as we strive to attain holiness in life. Amen

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