Saturday, November 2, 2013


The Theme of our celebration today is “Raising Up” or “Lifting up.” We remember our departed brothers and sisters, our love ones who have died and we remember them with our PRAYERS. Our Faith reminds us that Prayer is the Lifting up of our heart, of our soul, our mind to God. And so we pray for our love ones, wherever they may be, that God will raise them up to His kingdom in Heaven, that they will attain Eternal happiness and Peace. We lift them up to God today. We remember the times when we were still together, we usually lift up one another with our care and love and goodness that we share, now it is through our prayer that we lift them up to the Lord and the Lord will raise them to eternal Glory. We pray to God for ourselves also, for us who often are not ready to let go, who feel down because of the grief for losing a love one, that the Lord will lift us up also from our sadness, from our grief. And may the beautiful memories we had with our love ones become our strength and help also to feel lifted up in our present life. We pray also that we will have the grace to continue lifting up one another in this life time with our good works. And we lift up our hands in prayer with Hope that one day we too after the fulfillment of our mission here on earth will be lifted up to heaven. Amen

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"Leaps of Faith"

"LEAPS OF FAITH" Can be a religious movement of a person, an inner movement of belief, of trust on the greatest power of all, The Supreme being..Our Creator and Maker..Our God. They can be resolutions of a person everyday in his life to move forward, to be a better person, and to start a new life. They can be decisions of a person in times of great uncertainties, when he is not sure of what will come or happen and he makes a leap of faith. They can be steps, difficult steps that a person makes on his way to change or to start anew. Or they can simply be a persons resolve to fly, to widen his horizons, to learn more about life and to grow. These are Leaps of faith we make everyday and in great moments of our lives and they are worth considering and reflecting.