Sunday, December 7, 2014

I am Blessed

As the Filipino People wait eagerly for the visit of Pope Francis this January 2015
Great preparations are being done by the Church in the Philippines and the Faithful.
A Theme was chosen for the visit. I made some research of visits in the past in other countries and usually they came up with general theme like Unity, Peace and more of Joy and celebration.
COMPASSION AND MERCY is the theme given for the visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines,
I was really touched when Cardinal Tagle explaining the theme said; “The Visit of Pope Francis is like Christ coming to visit a troubled and a suffering people of the Philippines.
Come to think of it, this is the central reason of the coming of Christ, the real reason of Christmas. He comes to us, to visit us because he is aware of our troubles and our sufferings.
And for this we can truly say we are Blessed, Like Mary God has found favor with you and me and so god sent His only son for us as a  Gift.
And so no matter what our conditions, experiences are. This Christmas is a Blessing for you and me Amen.

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