Saturday, December 26, 2015


Today is the most wonderful time of the year
It is Christmas. The Birthday of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.
And so we greet each other, sincerely and with smile on our faces MERRY CHRISTMAS.
But we wonder today, why is this day so special. Why is Christmas Merry, Joyful and a celebration.
Is it because of The beautiful colors of flowers and decorations and lights all over that offers a festive mood? Yes, maybe it is part of it.
Or is it because of the celebration and party we had or will have in the company of our loves ones, our friends and family? But we gather also together and celebrate in other events during the year.
Is it because we have received so much presents from others or because we were able to share, to give and to be able share is wonderful feeling.
The Gospel from John offers us two reasons why Christmas is Merry/ Happy/ Joyful.
1.       Because THE WORD, (Jesus) was God, the creator of everything.
And THE WORD Became flesh, and dwelt among us.
Humbly taking our human conditions, becoming like us except sin.
And now He is with us. The Emmanuel.
Jesus is with us and that’s a great honor. A privilege and a reason to be Joyful.
Just Imagine God coming down and being with us, there is nothing like it.

The closest example I could give, to explain this mystery is
My experience being with my bishop when I stayed with him for some time and there were times when he would bring me with him to go to visit parishes or a community to say masses and when he meets the simple folks and I see how the people tremble in his presence and I hear them say. Bishop what wonderful feeling it is for us to see you visit us and find time for us, with all our unworthiness.
Truly, there is reason to rejoice for even with our unworthiness God is with us.
And so it is a Merry Christmas.

2.       Our Savior is born. We all know how things are going for us these times. There are so many things that are not right. Our pains, our struggles, our worries. Something is wrong. But we have a savior and so there is hope. Our Families need a savior. With conflicts and disunity and challenges, we really need someone to save our Families.
Our country needs a savior. We do not know where this country is heading, who will be the best leader, there are so many uncertainties.
Our world really needs a savior. With all the horrible things happening. Killings and war and calamities. We need someone to save us.
The Savior is here. He is with us.
There is a reason to be happy. It is a Merry Christmas.
       But there is a sad part in the gospel though that reminds us of a reality. It says: Though the Word came, the people, His own did not accept him.
Christmas is joyful already but we need to make this joy complete by accepting the Lord into our lives, our hearts, our family, our country and the world and making him very much part of everything we do, then it will truly be a Merry Christmas.
If we look at the manger now, the crèche is complete with Jesus on it. But it should not stop there rather we should allow Jesus to lie down in our hearts and lives for Christmas to be complete.
Let us accept Jesus and it will truly be a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Amen.
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