Saturday, November 12, 2016

Veterans Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, We pause today as a nation to remember all those who have worn the uniforms of the arm services of the United States and who have served our nation so faithfully.
We remember especially our brothers and sisters who have offered the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in the cause of freedom and justice.
May your blessings be upon them as you are pleased with their dedication and their generosity
We pray as well for those who are in active duty and for their families who support them in their service.
Protect them from all that is harmful to mind body and spirit and bring them safely home
On this veterans day, we pray earnestly for the gift of peace in our country and throughout the world that always we learn to live in harmony and mutual assistance, united in love and service.
May your peace reign in our hearts and in our troubled world now and forever. amen

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